Open Hands Caring Hearts



     In 2015,  we received a donation from The Bryan Area Foundation which allowed us to purchase a walk-in refrigerator.     We are still using this refrigerator to store fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, baked goods and any other product which we receive requiring refrigeration to keep items fresh longer.

     Late 2018 we received the funds to allow us to purchase a walk-in freezer.     This purchase allows us to purchase meat at the Toledo Food Bank for $.18 a pound once a month, store it, and pass 2 to 4 packages a meat out every Monday.

    Early in 2019, we received the funds from The Bryan Area Foundation to purchase new touch screen computers.     This speeds out of the check-in process and makes check-in easier on our volunteers and on our guests.  It also allows us to keep our statistics better for the Toledo Food Bank and Toledo Seagate.

    Pizza Hut donates pizza from their buffet that they freeze.  We pick up the pizza, place the pizza in baggies and pass out it out on Mondays.

    We also pick up bread from Pepperidge Farm to pass out when it is available. 


     United Way of Williams County provides us with personal care products including bar soap, shampoo, deodorant, toilet paper and toothpaste that we pass out once a month.     The also pay the processing charges for donated meat which provides us with ground pork and hamburger on occasion.

      Our next goal is the purchase of a newer box truck to reduce our expenses.    A truck is required to go to Toledo once a month to receive free product, or product at $.18 a pound.    We would not be able to serve the number of people we do, with as much product as we have, without a truck and at the reduced prices that we can obtain food for.     Our truck comes back from Toledo once a month completely filled.

    In many non-profit organizations, only 10 to 15% of your donations go to satisfy the need which you are contributing too, with all volunteers, our expenses are all for obtaining food, purchasing food, passing food out or storing food.

​     We accept donations of packaged food products, items for garage sales, the proceeds of which support our pantry, and cash or checks at all times.

     Praise goes to God and New Life Worship Center, that we do not have any rent nor utility expenses and a gracious facility to operate out of.   Thanks to a group consisting entirely of volunteers, we have no wages.